Coaching: Thriving with ADHD

Henry is the CEO and Co-Founder of ADHD UK. Henry had a late-stage adult diagnosis of ADHD. He has since made it his goal help people with ADHD thrive.

He has Coach training from the Flow Coaching Institute. He has three degrees. From King’s College London, the University of Manchester, and an MBA from Darden, University of Virginia where he had a full Batten Scholarship, was the first non-US citizen to be elected student President, and awarded the C Sheppard Leadership Prize. In 2022 he was awarded the Point of Light award by the Prime Minister for his work during the Covid Pandemic.

Prior to founding ADHD UK Henry had a career in finance, venture capital, successful turnaround CEO and owner of his own business. He has operated at the board level of organisations for the last 20 years.

Henry’s coaching focuses on helping adults with ADHD fulfil their potential – to thriving with ADHD.He is particularly focused on newly diagnosed adults, ADHD and the Workplace, and ADHD and being a Senior Executive.

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Henry regularly contributes his ADHD expertise across UK media

Coaching Testimonals

Henry is a very good coach. I have found him to be an empathic listener, who is able to patiently guide my thinking towards my own needs and wants. He is encouraging, celebrates my successes, and gently prods me along to stick to my commitments and goals. Henry is transparent and approachable, and I have always found the environment he creates to be calm, safe, and welcoming. His coaching always allows room for me to ‘think out loud’ and to ‘bounce ideas’ around; and I always end the session with a range of ideas and actions to move my goals forward.



Henry has been very helpful in unlocking some blockage I had. His coaching approach is refreshing, honest, and practical. As we met, he was able to ask the right questions to give me a refreshed direction or shed light on a matter that was out of my sight but yet part of the issue.



Living with ADHD can be isolating and bewildering.  Through sessions with Henry I have found that honest empathetic guidance can have a significant positive impact. A wealth of valuable knowledge and generosity, Henry is helping me to achieve life goals discussed and set during our sessions. With his genuine interest, his warmth and humour, Henry creates a relaxed safe environment in which I am learning how to be, and how to quite like, my authentic self.


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Star Rating. 4.9 out of 5 Rating.

Compassionate. Spoke clearly, and steadily. Friendly, good -humoured.

Advice Clinic Participant

Reassured me. Made me feel included despite not being officially diagnosed yet.

Advice Clinic Participant

Clear, considered and empathetic responses.

Advice Clinic Participant

Friendly, laidback and amusing style felt totally on my wavelength. Talked about his strategies which not only were useful in themselves but also gave me more of an understanding.

Advice Clinic Participant

Showed great understanding, listened, gave lots of advice.

Advice Clinic Participant

I felt welcomed and supported as a new attendee, and recieved vital information that I would have otherwise struggled to source. Thank you!

Advice Clinic Participant

Really inclusive and meaningful consideration of all issues presented.

Advice Clinic Participant

Henry listened to all of the participants very well, and had a really good blend of factual/practical/pragmatic advice and then also the more philosophical stuff that has to go along with it (in terms of self image, acceptance, personality etc. etc.). I think he did a great job.

Advice Clinic Participant

Patient, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Advice Clinic Participant

Everything was explained very clearly. No jargon simply straight forward.

Advice Clinic Participant

Henry is a treasure. Warm, personable, inclusive, bright and very helpful! Thank you for bringing us together and making this space for us!

Advice Clinic Participant